When it comes to certain things, such as beard growth, we guys are often our own worst enemies. Let’s face it. Every man has probably at one time or another seriously considered growing a beard. Unfortunately, shortly after we got started, within a couple to a few days, we got exasperated over our progress or lack thereof and shaved it off. This brings us to our first point of growing a beard fast. We need to give ourselves adequate time to start as well as to evaluate our progress.

How to grow a beard fast naturally

Most experts agree that four weeks is the optimum period of time that you need to wait before you can adequately determine whether your beard is going to be a success or not. After all, you might get started then determine that you don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of growing anything that resembles a beard. At best, you might grow something that would lead everyone to call you “Patches” even after a reasonable period of time has passed.

This brings us to the point that if you want to give yourself a fighting chance of growing a respectable beard, you need to give yourself about four weeks at least evaluate where you stand. Even after that time you look like a homeless person, you need to give yourself a chance. This even stands when you get to the inevitable place where it’s itchy and plain pathetic looking.

Getting Past the Stubble

Let’s face it: practically any guy can grow a little stubble, even if it’s confined to a small section of your lip. Just so we can start somewhere in common, we are talking about more than stubble. We are talking about a real beard and how you can get to such a place with minimal time and effort. Unfortunately, sometimes a beard needs a little encouragement, which is what we will try to provide.

So now you have given your beard about four weeks to grow. how does it look? Terrible? That’s still okay because it’s about this point in its development that you can start to shape it. If in shaping you cut off too much, that’s okay. Don’t raise the white flag. You’ve still got hope.

Has your beard started to itch? That’s okay. Every beard does the same thing. You can minimize this by applying some beard oil, which will not only moisturize the skin under your beard, but it will also make the hair look fuller.

Let It Grow. Let It Grow. Let It Grow.

Whatever your beard looks like at this point, avoid the temptation to cut and trim right now. You are still creating what you want to have it look like when you are done. You should have determined at this point what you want your beard to look like. If you haven’t, keep watching those men’s magazines. If you have, keep shaping the hair into what you want.


If you’re not careful at this point, chances are good that you will probably have little patches around your intended growth of beard where you have failed to shave or trim. This is okay since you are probably still trying to determine what you want your beard to look like. If you absolutely must, trim them, but be careful since you are probably still getting used to where you will shave and where you will not.

It’s a great time at this point to buy some sort of beard trimming kit, which can be quite useful as you start trimming and shaving different parts. These come in many types, so you will need to select one that you think will best serve your needs.

Towards a Rich, Full Beard

At this point you have let several weeks go by and hopefully have some semblance of a beard. This is great, or is it? by now you have probably decided whether you are capable of a full beard or if you are doomed to go through life as a terminal baby face. The worst part of this is that it won’t take long for you to decide which one you are. It’s a lot more complicated, on the other hand, to decide what to do about it.

If you see yourself growing a thick full beard, congratulations. If, on the other hand, you seem to be follically-challenged, fear not. The trouble with the latter situation is that this is due mainly to genetics, and there’s little you can do to help.

Whether you have a thick beard or you don’t, there is hope. There are a number of hair growth supplements on the market today that hold hope. One that has gained a large following is GRIZZLY ADAM BEARD SUPPORT, which has proven to be effective at growing hair and making hair that is already there thicker. There is some debate over whether the results that have been achieved on top of heads is the same as that for facial hair, but only a consultation with your doctor will be able to determine what is best for you.

Also Testosterone and DHT have a great impact on your beard, hair and body hair. Usually higher levels of DHT will make your beard grow thicker and fuller. Check out this super helpful monster guide (~6K words) on Testosterone from Wisebeards website 


It should be noted that for some men, several hair growth supplements have been known to have serious side effects. These include drops in blood pressure, weight gain, and dry skin.

There are other products that include creams, pills, sprays, and other products that have attracted their own followers. Other beard growers swear by their own remedies for growth. This include standards such as a healthy diet along with the right vitamins and nutrients.

Last but not least is your body’s need for exercise and stress relief. And while it might be debatable as a method for growing a beard, it can’t hurt. After all, growing a beard is one of life’s secret joys and anything that is good for your body has to be good for your hair as well. You might end up swearing by the results.