The beard is one of the features that can be altered to influence the appearance of a man. Some people are characterized with long beards while others are short beards. Similarly, there are men who like to cut their beard clean and remain with a clear face. No matter the kind of style you choose for your beard, it is always important to have an opinion of a professional beard barber.

Men who have been cutting their beard for long probably have already developed a style they prefer and may want to stick to it forever. However, for those who are growing beards for the first time, here are few tips that will come in handy while seeking professional beard barber services.

1. All beard barbers are not the same hence a difference in the mastery of the beard-cutting art.

Nowadays, beard-cutting styles are on the rise hence a demand for beard cuts has gone up. Due to increase in demand for beard cuts, beard shops are sprouting everyday like mushrooms. You will need to be extremely selective when choosing a barber to trim your beard.

Referral has been and will continue to be the best way you can use to obtain quality service in all fields. Probably, there are few people around the block consistently wearing an admirable beard. You can ask them where they cut their beards and if you get more than three people with beard cuts you love to share a beard barber, probably that is the right person to trust your beards with. Do not be shy to ask for referrals because most people are more than willing to recruit more members in their glorious beard cut tribe.

2. allow your beard to grow before you jump into trimming it

On average, the beard grows between half an inch to one inch per month. For first timers, do not be afraid to carry around a bushy beard for a while as your beard reaches proper maturity. If you need an even and decent trim, you will need to allow your beard enough time to mature. There is a temptation to clear the beard because you are not used to having hair on your face. Beards that are cut prematurely may turn out to be thin and patchy. Also, during this period, the scruff will tend to be itchy which can push you to shave your beard at an early stage. You can reduce the discomfort of growing beards by use of multipurpose face and beard moisturizer or quality beard oil.

3. Keep visiting the beard barber even if you know how to keep your beard short

Professional beard barbers have a way of making the even the shortest beards well balanced in a way you cannot. Besides getting a proportional look from the barber, you can get advice on beard-cutting styles that can enhance your looks.

Now, we have been discussing how important it is for you to visit a beard barber. However, what will you ask the barber once you enter their shop? How will you get the maximum out of your visits to the barber shop?

Below are some ideas on questions you can ask the barber and reasons why having such knowledge is important.

beard barber

1. Ask about the different style options that are available for your beard.

Different people grow different types of beards hence a different in the style options available for them. Beards range from thin and sparse to thick and full. You cannot force a beard cut style on your beard just because you see it looking great on someone else. Your hair type must be the same or closely related. On this point, your beard barber will examine your beard and advise you on the best style available.

2. Ask about the longest your beard can get but remain acceptable in your profession

Different professions have different regulations concerning grooming. As far as you may admire a certain beard cut size that your beards permit, it is good to keep it within the acceptable range. Sometime, it may be difficult to determine the appropriate size on your own. Your local professional barber is likely to have a better idea of how your locals define professionalism when it comes to beard cuts if they have been cutting fellow professionals for a while.

3. Ask on how to trim a shaving line around your jaw

This is a very important inquiry to make for men who cut their beard more often than they visit the barber. Your beard barber will help you establish a shaving line. It is important to know that the beard should never go above the jawline when you smile.

4. Ask about the shave products that will go easy on your skin after a shave as well as maintain clear cut lines.

For men who cut their beard clean, you will need to have a shaving product that keeps your skin comfortable. Those who make curvy cuts need to enhance the cut lines. Your barber will recommend shave products that will work well for you. Remember, not all shave product on the market offer similar results, and it is not a good idea being a lab rat for certain products.

5. Ask your barber the direction to comb your beard for the best results

This may sound vague. However, the beauty of a beard cut lies in attention to details. Beards do not grow in the same direction hence need to establish the best of combing them. Also, it is advisable to train your beard to fall in a certain direction by combing them consistently towards that direction. Your barber will give you the best advice on this.

6. Ask how you can keep your beard freshly clean without washing it daily.

Most people have very busy schedules and cannot find time to wash the beard and dry it every day in the morning. If you lie in this category, make sure you talk to your barber about it. Besides, washing your beard every morning using soap can make it abrasive and dry so we highly recommend a gentle beard shampoo and wash formulated specifically for your beard.

7. Ask your barber how frequent your beard will need grooming for a consistent look

Visiting the barber daily is not a good idea. In fact, it is not practical. Staying away for long will also interfere with a consistent look. Since it is difficult to decide on your own how often you need to visit your beard barber shop, talk to him about it. Besides, you cannot follow someone’s else schedule because different beards grow at different rates.