Whether you are looking to grow a beard for the first time or you are looking to change the style of your beard there is a style out there for you. Styling your beard can sometimes feel like a daunting task, as once you’ve made the change you can’t just grow it back overnight. When choosing your beard style there are a number of ways to go and here are some brilliant tips for helping you find the style that is right for you and for your hairstyle too.

Medium length hair with a thick beard


If you have medium length hair (long enough to be slicked back) then a thicker beard is the one for you. Flowing hair and a thick beard is the ultimate manly look at the moment. If you tire of your longer hair then you can even put it into a top knot for another on trend look.


Longer hair and a long beard


If you have long flowing locks then you will probably work hard to preserve them and keep them looking beautiful. By teaming this look with a long, thick beard you will be showing off your manliness while you stand out from the crowd. There is something very manly about a well groomed man, with lots of facial hair, and if you want to have a new signature style then this is a fantastic way to go.


A thick beard


If you have a beard that grows through full and thick then it would be a waste not to take advantage of this. A thick beard can be styled in all manner of ways, both conservative and not so much, and you can always trim it back if you want to look a little smarter.


If you want to really be on trend then have a thick beard that you don’t trim. This can look a little unruly but this is more the sort of look that hipsters are sporting at the moment. This is very on trend and is one of the more popular beard styles now.


Thick beards are a fantastic accompaniment to almost any hairstyle and they are the pinnacle of manliness. If you want to style your thicker beard then a small amount of beard wax is a fantastic way to achieve this. Pick a scented or unscented beard wax, in the colour that most closely matches your beard, and get to work in styling your full beard. You can keep it simple, for work, or go for something a little messed up and unruly, for impressing the ladies. A little goes a long way with beard wax and it can be washed out if you decide that a style is not right for you.


Thick beards are definitely in fashion at the moment and what better excuse to let your beard grow out and just lightly style it? With the addition of beard wax you can tame your beard and if you want to trim it back you can get more define lines with the use of beard wax. Beard styles are ever changing with regards to fashion but the thick beard has been fashionable for a while now and appears to be staying that way!


Long live the beard!