$100 Beard Balm and Beard Shampoo Giveaway

$100 Value

1 Winner

Introducing our August beard care #Giveaway and we are giving you the opportunity to grab yourself an array of high quality grooming products that will keep your beard in tip top shape.


Prizes Listed Below: 

1st Prize:

4 x 60 ml Beard Balm – Relieves dry skin & helps moisturize to stop the itch of new hair growth in its tracks

 1 x 100 ml beard shampoo – Cedar wood, Bayleaf and Lime – Formulated to reduce the natural coarse texture of the beard and hydrate the bristles

 1 x 100 ml beard shampoo – Argan & Vanilla – Be the very 1st customer to try this new product way before we launch to the public.

1 x 250ml Bay rum hair and beard tonic – Again a brand new product we developed not released yet. – A blend of warm, spiced bay leaves, clove and sweet orange oil

 A LIFETIME 30% OFF discount code for our website.

If you answer YES to any of the questions below, you really have no reason not to ENTER and try GRIZZLY ADAM products for yourself!

When I am purchasing a beard care/grooming product I look for:

👉 Quality carrier oils ☑

👉 Great long lasting scents ☑

👉 Smell nice ☑

👉 Organic ☑

👉 Natural ingredients ☑

👉 Trusted name ☑

👉 Good holding balm ☑

👉 Keeps beard hydrated all day long! ☑

👉 Tames my unruly mane ☑


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