(Guest post by Peter Minkoff )

After the expansion of metrosexuals’ clean-shaven faces and slim shirts and tight pants, came a look which is characterized by a thick beard, regular cut jeans and a plaid shirt. The guys who adopted this look are called lumbersexuals or urban lumberjacks. The aesthetic is represented through the figure of lumberjack, referring to a classic masculine look, but removed from the lifestyle that it represents. He only looks like a man from the woods, but he’s actually part nerd, who carries his laptop instead of an ax and part hipster, freely embracing tattoos and unconventional hairstyles.

These guys always look great with a minimum effort, so it’s no wonder that this trend became mainstream.

If you want to achieve the lumbersexual look, these are a few must-haves.

The beard

Whether it’s a scruffy or a full-on one, a beard is a trademark of this style.  No lumbersexual look can be complete without a properly maintained beard. Even if it may seem careless and untidy, it’s exactly the opposite. You should trim your beard regularly and keep it healthy and moisturized, so consider getting a beard care kit, for easier maintenance.

Beside the beard, take care of your hair too. Lumberjacks often have long hair, and so do lumbersexuals. Consider growing your hair for more casual look. If you already have a long hair, don’t be afraid to make a bun. It will be a good match to your nicely trimmed beard.

Lumbersexuals are men with beards, man-buns and fantastic style – and they know it. They are strong, caring and self-confident individuals, who simply know what looks best. And what can be more attractive than that?



  • The essential parts of the lumbersexual look are plaid custom shirts. They’re comfortable and usually made from flannel – a high-quality cotton. For creating the right look, you should wear the shirt loose, and pair it with some jeans.
  • Speaking of jeans, ripped denim and classic cut are the most appropriate for this look.
  • If it’s too hot for a plaid, long sleeve shirt, choose a simple, preferably vintage t-shirt that shows off your body features and tattoos (if you have any).
  • A jacket isn’t just a usual part of winter’s wardrobe, it’s also a fashion statement for the lumbersexuals. You will not only look stylish, but it will also keep your warm.
  • Your clothes should be minimalistic and monochromatic, so avoid logos and vibrant designs and stick to neutral colors, like black, grey and white. The exception of no-patterns rule are the floral motifs, which are more than welcome, because they represent a symbolic relation with nature.


As you can assume, sneakers are not the first lumberjack’s choice when it comes to footwear. The real deal are boots. Not only are they suitable for every wheatear condition, but they also look great. So, find some leather, semi-deep, old-school model that suits you the most, and rock on.



If you want to achieve that lumbersexual look, you should pay a special attention to hats. It doesn’t matter if it is a beanies cap, a baseball hat or sensible woolen hat, it is a must.

The whole idea of the lumbersexual style is being effortless, so you shouldn’t exaggerate with accessories, but keep your look minimalistic.

If you have tattoos they can serve as a perfect accessory, but if you don’t – you can go for some simple ads on, like handmade bracelets or sunglasses. In order to stay connected with nature, consider accessories made from natural materials, like wood or leather. This way you can create unique outfit which will distinct you from others.