If you’ve ever tried to grow your beard out only to be disappointed by slowly-growing thin and patchy hairs…

And you’ve been wondering what’s the secret behind guys that have a rich, thick, and strong plumage to show off…
Then you’ll definitely be excited to hear what’s been holding your beard back (hint: it’s not just genetics, which are out of your control)

Your beard and hair is very important to you – here’s how you can make it look even manlier.

Increase Testosterone Levels. (especially if your over 30)

If you are not aware that testosterone and also beard growth work together, right here is a chance to boost the appearance of your beard doing something you probably currently enjoy.

Increasing your exercises by investing even more time at the fitness center or running an added mile a day will certainly have a direct effect on the wellness of your facial hair. Bench presses, weightlifting,  dead lifts, crouches, and rowing, are all targeted exercise routines that increase your testosterone levels dramatically.

If you’re not very good at sport, or if you’re simply either too lazy or busy to hit the gym, you can always get an extra boost of testosterone in tablet form. Sales of hormone supplements have sky-rocketed in the wake of the recent beard boom

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