Most people have a difficult time purchasing Christmas gifts for men whether it´s their brother, father, husband or boyfriend. However, if the man on your shopping list sports a beard, mustache or both, then getting him the perfect gift should be relatively simple. Hopefully we have put together a list below which may spark more ideas and help you decide.

Why beard care gifts are a Win Win!

Such is the necklace to the wife and the video game to the child, beard grooming products are an easy, obvious and perfect choice to the dad with the beard. He’ll use it, he’ll appreciate it and you can feel confident you got him the perfect gift. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best beard-related gifts based on a criteria of quality, value and 2016’s facial hair trends.

What Type of Beard Are Your Shopping For?

This is the most important question which, when not asked an answered, can leave your father with beard products laying around collecting dust. How short does he cut it? Is the style always changing, requiring the possession of more versatile products? Is he the type to use beard oil? These are all things to take into account while shopping. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at some Father’s Day beard gifts ideas.

Christmas Day Gifts for Dads With Beards

1. Ultimate Grizzly Adam Beard Care Kit

Ultimate beard care kit


For when you’re just not quite sure what to get him. Best case scenario – you just gave him everything he was hoping for in a kit. Worst case scenario – a couple of the items in the kit go unused while the rest still prove to be extremely useful. With some shampoo, balm, oil, scissors and comb all made with the bearded man in mind, you can be sure he’ll find a kit like this extremely useful.

2. A Good Beard Wash

Beard Wash Advert

Anyone who takes care of their beard washes it, there’s no doubt about that. That being the case, there are two possible outcomes to getting your father a good beard wash – either he continues using it as usual and appreciates the gift, or he switches from shampoo to some fancy new beard shampoo you got him and still appreciates the gift.

3. Quality Beard Scissors

Scissors Advert

Despite how it may at first appear, scissors which go years without being sharpened aren’t something which will last a lifetime. But, because they get more and more dulled at such a slow rate, your father might not realize how great trimming his beard with a sharp, new pair once was. He’ll remember once he opens your gift, though!

4. Grizzly Adam Trio Bundle

This Trio Bundle includes our 3 Best Selling Products in a Handmade Gift Set – This is the ideal Christmas gift for any bearded man  – Contains Beard Oil 100ml, Beard Wash 200ml and Beard Balm 60ml worth over £59 if purchased separately and currently on offer at just £44.99

While each and every beard requires different types of maintenance, all of the above gifts should prove to be rather versatile and should do a great job of keeping your father’s beard fresh to at least some degree or another. While other, equally great gifts can be had, it’s hard to find a bearded man who can’t appreciate any of these ideas.