Christmas Gifts for Guys with Beards – 4 Cool Presents for the Hairy Man in Your Life

Most people have a difficult time purchasing Christmas gifts for men whether it´s their brother, father, husband or boyfriend. However, if the man on your shopping list sports a beard, mustache or both, then getting him the perfect gift should be relatively simple. Hopefully we have put together a list below which may spark more […]

All Your Beard Growing and Beard Care Questions Answered

Well possibly not all, but we put together all the questions we received over the previous 12 months via twitter, Facebook, Instagram and e-mail. Then we got the silly ones removed and created this MEGA list of possible questions YOU might simply be asking if your into growing a beard and maintaining it. If these […]

What Exactly is Movember and How to Participate?

Movember is a global men’s health charity focused mainly on prevention of testicular and prostate cancers and prevention of male suicide. November is the 30 days during which Movember takes place and the “Mo” bit refers to the growing of a moustache for that period. “The moustache is our ribbon” says their website, and with […]

Basic steps for utilizing a beard trimmer

Different men discover that daily male grooming can be time-consuming. Deciding to grow a beard to make mornings quicker is a fantastic solution, and following a couple of basic steps for utilizing a beard trimmer can keep your new facial hair from getting out of control. Similar to any hairdo, you can’t disregard your facial […]

How to Fix a Dry, Brittle or Otherwise Uncomfortable Beard

Whether you’re in the process of growing out your first beard or have been working on/maintaining one for some time now, there’s one common issue you may find yourself running into at some point or another – a brittle, itchy beard. Many folks find their beards getting itchy while they’re in the process of growing […]

Does Your Beard Itch? Learn How To Grow A Beard That Is Dandruff Free and Never Itches

As a kid, I used to admire the dandruff free beards of the older men used to show off their well-groomed beards without an itch. The only thing that used to make me wonder how well they liked their beards is when they were drinking something. It looked like their beards were getting in the […]

Getting the Most Out of Your Lumbersexual Look

(Guest post by Peter Minkoff ) After the expansion of metrosexuals’ clean-shaven faces and slim shirts and tight pants, came a look which is characterized by a thick beard, regular cut jeans and a plaid shirt. The guys who adopted this look are called lumbersexuals or urban lumberjacks. The aesthetic is represented through the figure of lumberjack, referring to a classic masculine […]