Many people see these cold winter months as a chance to let their beard grow in the safe knowledge that it will keep their face warm during the coldest spells of the year. However, it is just an important to look after your beard in winter as it is in summer. Taking care of your beard does not need to be hard work or expensive. The tips that have been included in our guide below are easy to fit into your daily routine and can make all the difference to the way that your beard looks and feels throughout the winter.

Keep Your Whole Face Moisturized with Balm

Cold weather and strong winds can be harsh on your skin, and so it is extra important in the winter to ensure that your skin remains moisturized. There are moisturizers that you can buy which are specifically designed to be used on facial hair. Grizzly Adam have a good beard balm which makes it easier to find the right one for you. Any moisturizer should be applied at least twice a day, so try and fit it into your morning and evening routine. Your beard is more likely to become dry and damaged during the winter and so it is essential to take action to prevent this.

Keep Your Beard Clean with a Specially Formulated Shampoo

Although you may decide to grow your beard a bit longer during the winter, you still need to ensure that it is kept clean and tidy. There are products that you can buy that make this process easier. There are special shampoos and lotions that you can buy that are designed for beards. When this is applied it should be worked up into a lather before being rinsed off. Doing this a few times a week will help to prevent a build up of any debris that may be collected in your beard as you go about your day to day activities.

Don’t Forget About The Conditioner – Use Beard oil Daily

After your beard has been washed it will be clean, but there is a chance that is could have also washed away the natural oils that help to keep your beard soft. Beard Oil such as the one that is sold by Grizzly Adam is a very good product as this will help to maintain this oil, especially around the hair shaft. This helps to stop your skin becoming too irritated and will ensure that your beard remains free from damage and is still easy to manage. These beard oils should be applied every time that you have washed your beard to prevent it becoming too dry.

Comb Your Beard With a Good Beard Comb

You should comb your beard on a daily basis in the same way that you would comb your hair. The best time to comb it is after it has been washed, as this means that most of the debris that may have otherwise been found there should have been removed. This will enable you to get the comb through your beard more easily, making it a simple task to get your beard looking tidy. There are a number of different styles of combs that are available, and the one that you choose will ultimately depend on your personal preference. Metal or wooden combs are usually the most popular choices.

Trim Your Beard If Necessary

If your beard is particularly long, you may also want to consider having it trimmed on a regular basis. This may be something that you could do yourself at home, although many men also choose to visit a barber as they prefer to leave this to the professionals. There are also styling products that contain beeswax that may be suitable for longer beards, as this ingredient can help your beard maintain its shape throughout the day.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Staying hydrated is one of the easiest things that you can do to keep your skin and hair looking great. It is recommended that you should drink around 1.5 liters of liquid every day. This includes most types of drinks except alcohol, tea and coffee.
Water is the best choice because it can really help to improve the appearance of your hair and skin, and nothing is as good at keeping you hydrated as water.

Increase Your Intake Of Vegetables

It can be hard to try and eat well over the festive season, but making the effort to try and eat as much veg as possible can certainly pay off in a number of ways. Eating vegetables is thought to increase the amount of keratin that is produced by the body, and this is important in keeping your hair healthy. A balanced diet will do wonders for your overall health as this can give your immune system a boost and prevent you catching illnesses such as colds, as the last thing you want is your nose running into your beard.


While having a beard is certainly less trouble than having to shave every day, there is still a certain degree of maintenance that needs to take place. If you do not take proper care of your beard than you may find that the skin on your face becomes dry and itchy, and this can be just as irritating as the rash you would get after shaving.
Following the advice above can ensure that your beard not only looks great during the winter, but that your hair and skin are looked after as well.